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sommelier for a virtual wine tasting event

Hello!  I am looking to hire someone to be the sommelier for a virtual wine tasting event I am hosting for our clients on August 13th.  It would take place from 4pm-6pm PST, which I know is difficult with the time difference.  I’d like to know if you know of anyone that would be willing and available to do this, and what they would charge for the service.  I’d also like suggestions for 3 types of European wines to purchase for this tasting – a red, a white, and a rose’ likely for under $20 a bottle.  Thank you so much!

 Geniece McColgan
Head of Marketing at StrataCore
2320 2nd Ave, SEATTLE, WA 98121

P : 206 456 5809  M : 503 997 1130

E : geniece@stratacore.com  W : www.stratacore.com 


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